Monday, September 26, 2011

ENG 306: Theory in Practice

The Day After Tomorrow shall be the penultimate examination of the End of Semester Examinations comma Second Semester 2010stroke2011 for the seven Third Year English Honours Students at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Peradeniya fullstop The examination paper titled openparathesis write carefully as on the examination paper closeparanthesis ENG 303 colon Semantics comma Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis will be administered at precisely 11colon30 am openparanthesis UTC addition 5colon30 closeparanthesis two hours openparanthesis many whispers comma scratchingshyphenofhyphenhead comma jigglingshyphenofhyphenleg comma clearingshyphenofhyphenthroat closeparanthesis after which slim booklets of scribblings will be retrieved from the patients students for assessment of their aptitude for memoryhyphenmaking comma parroting comma bullshitting comma academizing English studies paragraph Their lecturer comma the young openparanthesis and just graduated closeparanthesis Chathurika Senanayake paranthesis whoinvertedcommas new hair style one of the males of the said seven is rather impressed with closeparanthesis comma has strikeoutperformedstrikeout taught well comma keeping her head above water in the face of having to teach the strikeoutradical and revolutionarystrikeout worst-reputed batch of English students since the famed English Department had openparanthesis and lost closeparanthesis its heyday fullstop In the hope of securing strikeoutthe status-quo and perpetuating the capitalist ideals of the academiastrikeout a strikeoutboring and predictablestrikeout good future the said seven strikeoutfacebookstrokeblogstrokecallstroketextstrokewatch moviesstrokemake out in secretstrokemasturbatestrokeorganize gayhyphenprotestsstrokesweatstrokesmokestrokecrystrokescreamstrikeout study throughout the night fullstop In the light of their oppression by the taxhyphenpaying masses that expect an educated generation of the said seven comma their representative had this to say colon openquote!@*^$%&@#$*(&@#$&!!*@&$^!#&$#%*&&………….closequote paragraphparagraph #static# paragraphparagraph endoftransmission fullstop